SEFPRO Care is a subsidiary of SEFPRO, worldwide leader of refractories for the glass industry.

From Fused Cast AZS, Bonded AZS, Alumina, Zircon to Chromic Oxide, Mullite and Sillimanite, we cover the whole range of product chemistries you need. Make your choice between our Mortars, Concretes, Bricks, Blocks, Chips and Tiles.

Don’t hesitate to call our sales team at anytime. You will get an immediate proposal of materials from our permanent stock to keep your glass furnace running. Upon request, we can also manage machining operations.



A worldwide coverage with SEFPRO Care sales team experts

Located in France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil and India, we are able to supply glassmakers with a full range of shaped and unshaped products dedicated to hot and cold repair operations for all glass markets.


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