Repair Joint Z Ready – a ready-to-use solution dedicated to joints filling or cracked blocks during hot operations

Why use Repair Joint Z Ready in glass furnaces?

Superstructure, forehearth, tanks, and crowns blocks are crucial for ensuring glass quality and minimizing energy consumption in your glass furnace. Even the smallest defects, such as holes or cracks can introduce impurities into the glass and result in energy losses. Stopping the furnace is not an option for you? Do you want to prevent energy leakage from your furnace? Opting for the Repair Joint Z Ready solution enables you to effectively repair and restore the capacity and structure of your furnace. This is essential for reducing energy consumption and maintaining the desired properties of the glass that is produced.

Benefits of the Repair Joint Z Ready solution

The Repair Joint Z Ready requires no specific preparation other than a re-homogenization stage. Its unique formulation, based on Zircon grains, ensures compliance with the highest EHS standards, thereby enhancing the tightness and longevity of different furnace zones. With its adjustable viscosity, this composition effectively seals gaps ranging from 2 to 20 mm.

Installation of the Repair Joint Z Ready solution

This repair solution is available in 2.5kg cartridges, pre-cut to facilitate preparation. To install the product, we recommend using our specific SEFPRO Care Pneumatic Joint Filler, equipped with a nozzle resistant to very high temperatures. You will need an air pressure system nearby to connect the joint filler.



The repair operation is performed according to the following list:  

  1. Connect the joint filler to air pressure system
  2. Regulate pressure with the knob
  3. Insert the cartridge in the joint filler
  4. Cut the top of the cartridge to open it
  5. Close the joint filler
  6. Fill the joints or cracks of the furnace
  7. Remove the empty cartridge to reload a new one
  8. Clean the nozzle with water


R&D corner:

Thanks to its pure zircon composition, the Repair Joint Z Ready makes an excellent chemical barrier between silica walls and high alumina content walls. It is also recommended for silica superstructure hot repairs. It has been specifically designed to create a very stable solution to fill gaps up to 20mm (4/5 inch) maximum during hot operations. Throughout its setting and lifetime, the solution exhibits minimal dimensional change, effectively limiting hot gas leakage and corrosion phenomena.

Furthermore, depending on your needs and the size of your maintenance operations, the product is available in buckets. The Repair Joint Z Ready does not require any specific preparation other than are homogenization stage: it is a truly ready-to-use product.


  Bulk density Open porosity MOR Thermal conductivity 
Samples applied (1200°C/2192°F)

3.29T/m3206 pcf


20 Mpa
2900 psi

2.3 W/m/k



SEFPRO Care aims to provide glass manufacturers with the best solution to achieve better results and greater efficiency in their glass furnaces. As a glassmaker, you might be confronted one day, with a glass furnace leak and face emergency repair situations. But when this happens, SEFPRO Care remains available and offers numerous solutions to address your glass furnace issues. The Repair Joint Z Ready, an easy-to-use solution, will allow you to repair multiple areas of your furnace with great flexibility and increase its lifetime. Stay ahead of unexpected events and get ready to overcome any challenge that comes your way. Extend your glass furnace lifetime now!