Repair Cast In Place (CIP) ALUMINA: a self-flow concrete based on electrofused Alumina grains, for cold repairs

Why use Repair CIP Alumina in your glass furnace repairs? 

When it comes to glass furnace repairs, finding the right solution that ensures optimal performance is crucial. That's where the Repair CIP ALUMINA comes in. 
Are you seeking a reliable solution to optimize your glass furnace repairs? Do you face challenges in areas like forehearths, superstructures, crowns, or feeders, where you need to reduce the risk of refractory defects in the glass as much as possible and where Alumina is mandatory? When you choose the Repair CIP Alumina solution, you're making a significant investment in restoring your furnace's capacity and structure. This repair process plays a crucial role in minimizing energy consumption and preserving the unique properties of the glass you produce.

Repair Cast In Place (CIP) ALUMINA SEFPROCare

Benefits of the Repair CIP Alumina solution

Experience the convenience of our innovative packaging method, allowing the product base to be stored without any time limitations. With the incorporation of a specific binder, it becomes ideal for Repair Hot Overcoat Alumina installation as well. Its unique formulation, made of electrofused Alumina grains and its self-leveling properties, ensures swift repair of glass-contact blocks and offers unparalleled corrosion resistance.

  • Permanent stock: always available to be supplied in a very short time
  • Flexibility: flexible application compatible with the working-end
  • Shutdown time: the repair critical path can be reduced with fast delivery and installation
  • 3D scan service compatible: quick estimation of the corroded volume with SEFPRO 3D scan service
  • No waste: no removal or waste of the worn blocks
  • On-site support: support provided during the installation to ensure all operation are successfully carried out
  • Controlled heat-up: optimized furnace heat-up and successful production restart


Installation of the Repair CIP Alumina solution

This self-flow concrete repair product, based on electro-fused Alumina grains, with pumpable, self-flow and self-level properties, will allow you to repair glass contact areas of the furnace after a cold shutdown. 
The repair operation is performed according to the following list: 
1.    Empty the furnace and decrease its temperature above 35°C.
2.    Prepare the formwork in-front of the corroded blocks
3.    Mix the Repair Alumina Premix with water and binders 
4.    Fill the form with self-flow concrete without vibrating
5.    Demold after 24 hours drying 
6.    Heat-up following the TDS heat-up curve
7.    Finish filling the glass and raise the furnace to its usual working temperature

R&D corner

The Repair CIP Alumina is an electrofused grain-based, self-flowing, and self-leveling hydraulic set concrete, utilized for glass contact as well as superstructure applications in partial cold furnace repairs.
For optimal rheology and setting time, it can be ideally cast within a temperature range of 15°C to 25°C (59°F-77°F), in contact with refractories, wooden, or metallic forms. The adapted rheology of Repair CIP Alumina allows casting of large and/or complex shapes, making it a perfect match for rough substrates such as corroded Fused Cast Alumina, without the need for vibration or ramming.

Chemical composition of Repair Cast In Place

Furthermore, thanks to its pure Alumina chemistry and crystallography properties, this product is especially suitable for the low (back) end part of the glass process.

  Bulk density Open porosity Green CSS Fired CCS (1400°C/2552°F)
Properties measured on samples  3.1 T/m3 15-17% 39 MPa 165 MPa


SEFPRO Care is dedicated to offering glass manufacturers the ultimate solution for improved results and enhanced efficiency in their glass furnaces repair. If you've encountered unwelcome surprises after a cold shutdown and wish to repair your furnace during its downtime, opt for the Repair CIP Alumina - a top-quality solution with numerous benefits. There is always a SEFPRO Care solution to help you to repair and extend your furnace lifetime without jeopardizing the glass quality.