Repair Hot Bottom AZS: a pumpable and self-flow solution made of fused cast AZS grains for hot bottom repairs

Why use Repair Hot Bottom AZS solution in glass furnaces?

The bottom area of any glass furnace is a critical and essential structural component. Yet, checking its wear and tear is not easy, and unpleasant surprises can emerge. No glassmaker wants to be confronted with a glass furnace leak and face emergency repair situations. Stopping the furnace is not an option for you? How can you repair the worn refractories at the bottom of your furnace without causing excessive downtime in production?

SEFPRO Care can provide you with the Hot Bottom AZS monolithic solution to repair the glass furnace bottom without taking the furnace down cold. Only a draining will be performed, followed by a casting at nearly 1,300°C (2,372°F). This temperature will not impact your side walls and superstructure blocks quality. There is no risk of high thermal exposure.



The Repair Hot Bottom AZS installation

This pumpable and self-flow product allows you to repair the glass furnace bottom in the shortest glass-to-glass time. This hot bottom solution is applied as soon as the furnace is empty. It is pumped and the castable fills all the worn areas on the bottom and create a new homogenous layer.

The repair operation is performed according to the following list:

  1. Drain the furnace and decrease its temperature to the range of 1,250°C-1,350°C (2,282°F-2,462°F)
  2. Prepare the ready-to-mix base following the eSOP procedure (SEFPRO Care mobile app)
  3. Cast the monolithic solution in the targeted area with pump and water-cooled lances
  4. Respect a short sintering time that depends on the temperature of your furnace (about 10h)
  5. Optionally reintroduce a small quantity of glass into the furnace bottom to create a glazed layer
  6. Finish filling the glass and raise the furnace to its usual working temperature

R&D corner

Our R&D teams have developed this product to provide the fastest and most effective durable furnace bottom repair. As proven by the following chemical analysis, the use of fused cast AZS grains is a promise of premium quality.

chemical composition hb azs

Furthermore, you will get a strong and homogeneous layer thanks to the unique viscosity and sintering properties of this product.

Properties measured on samples sintered at 1,350°C (2,462°F):

  • Bulk density: 2.64 T/m3
  • Open porosity: 17%
  • CSS: 80 MPa


SEFPRO Care's goal is to provide glass manufacturers with the best solution to achieve better results and greater efficiency in their glass furnaces. This high-quality product offers many benefits, such as a homogeneous and dense layer, a low sintering temperature, corrosion resistance thanks to fused cast AZS grains, and a quick return to production. Repair Hot Bottom AZS solution will help extend the furnace lifespan. This product has already been selected by many glassmakers around the world. Experience the quality and durability of the Hot Bottom AZS solution to repair your glass furnace bottom, with minimal interruption to production.