This product is particularly suitable for urgent bottom repairs without glass drain.

It can be used to repair furnaces without stopping production or emptying the furnace, which makes this solution particularly economical.
The manufacture of the product and its specific packaging eliminate all fine particles, thereby preventing pollution of the glass, and allowing for a rapid return to glass production.


  • Suitable packaging: Net bags are sturdy, easy to open, easy to handle, and guarantee continuous elimination of fine particles, ensuring the integrity of the glass during repair
  • Longevity: The use of electro-fused AZS grains gives the product unique corrosion resistance properties
  • Glass compatibility: The AZS grains is fully compatible with all the different types of glasses for repairs operations
AZS grains inside Dust free On stock Hot application Fast heat up Supervision
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repair chips azs scenario
CHIPS AZS location in a glass furnace

This product fits perfectly to these furnaces

Container Flat Specialty Insulation
container furnace flat furnace icon speciality furnace icon insulation furnace icon


And this area




Technical information


  • Bulk density: 3.7 T/m3 (231.2 pcf)
  • Diameter of chips: 30-60mm STANDARD (1.2 to 2.4 inches)


big bag

1000 kg Big Bag (2204 lbs)
Polypropylene bags 

wooden box

1040 kg Wooden Box (2292.8 lbs)

Chemical analysis
  ZrO2 SiO2 Al2O3
Repair Chips AZS 36% 13% 48%