The most effective solution for a Cr-Al cold repair by casting: CIP CHROM50 will provide high corrosion and electrical resistance to optimize your repair operation.

The REPAIR CIP CHROM50 is an unshaped product, using a hydraulic setting, dedicated to furnaces cold repairs. It can be installed by casting or pumping methods. Vibrations are needed to have a good de-airing and ensure a maximum final density.
This product includes specific chemistry architecture, Cr2O3 matrix/grain optimization and specific crystallography Al2O3 - Cr2O3 solid solution.
It leads to best in class application properties such as very good electrical resistivity and a good corrosion resistance to melted glass.



  • Electrical resistivity: The Repair CIP CHROM50 exhibits specific high electrical resistivity which brings a good advantage in case of an electric fusion process

  • Versatility: Its specific formulation makes it suitable for use in all parts of the furnace

  • EHS friendly:  This product doesn't contain any hexavalent form of chromic oxide

To be mixed Pumpable Castable Casting range Supervision
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repair cip chrom50 scenario

repair cip chrom50

This product fits perfectly to these furnaces

Insulation Reinforcement
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And these areas

Bottom Side wall



Technical information


  • Bulk density: 3.49 T/m3



24Kg Bag 
Repair CHROM50 Premix


25Kg Pods
Repair CIP Accelerator Pods


20Kg Drum
Repair CIP CHROM50 Liquid Binder

Chemical analysis
  ZrO2 SiO2 Al2O3 Others
Repair CIP CHROM50 6% 5% 40% 4%