A fluid concrete, made of electro-fused AZS grains, specially formulated for hot repairs.

It is easily pumpable and is specifically designed for use in glass furnace bottom repairs.
It is easy and rapid to apply, making it highly suitable for emergency repairs.


  • Speed return to production: Its exclusive formulation allows sintering to be carried out at installation temperature, without additional heating, and enables immediate filling with glass
  • Fluidity: The product mix is easily pumpable and can be installed rapidly and homogeneously
  • Secure electrode installation: Once applied, the high mechanical strength of the product makes it easy to drill and facilitates the installation of new electrodes
  • Longevity: The use of electro-fused AZS grains gives to the product some unique corrosion resistance properties
AZS grains inside to be mixed Pumpable Hot application Fast heat up Supervision
azs grains inside icon to be mixed icon pumpable icon hot application icon fast heat up icon supervision icon


repair hb azs scenario

Location repair HOT BOTTOM AZS

This product fits perfectly to these furnaces

Container Flat Insulation
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And this area



Technical information
  • Bulk density: 2,64T/m3 (165 pcf)
  • Open porosity: 17%
  • Setting type: Heat Set



25Kg Bag
Repair Hot Bottom AZS



Chemical analysis 


  ZrO2 SiO2 Al203 Fe2O3 Na2O Others
Repair HB AZS 29.3% 16.7% 51.1% 0.1% 1.8% 1.1%