This product is exclusively made up of raw materials using highly pure amorphous silica.

The Repair Hot Overcoat Fused Silica is an unshaped product dedicated to furnaces hot repairs. It can be cast or shotcreted in a range of temperatures from 100°C to 1600°C (212°F-2912°F) either in contact with refractories or metallic forms. It can also be cast at temperature room.
It is perfectly suited for hot repairs of silica crowns.


  • Fast tempering: The use of amorphous silica grains allows this product to be rapidly tempered
  • Adaptability: Its specific formulation makes it easy to use in different repair configurations (formwork, pouring or shotcreting)
  • Longevity: Depending on the customer need, the product can be delivred in 25 kg bags or in 250 kg Big Bags
To be mixed Pumpable Castable Hot Fast heat up Shotcretable
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repair hot overcoat fused silica location

This product fits perfectly to these furnaces

Container Flat Specialty
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And these areas

Furnace crown Chambers crown

Technical information


  • Bulk density: 1.86 T/m3 (112.5 pcf)
  • Open porosity: 10-20%
  • Addition for mixing: 14 to 16% Repair Hot Overcoat Liquid Binder


big bag

250Kg Big Bag
Repair Hot Overcoat Fused Silica Premix


25Kg Bag
Repair Hot Overcoat Fused Silica Premix


20Kg Drum
Repair Hot Overcoat Liquid Binder

Chemical analysis
  SiO2 Others
Repair HO Fused Silica 98.6% 1.4%