The Repair Tiles CHROM50 LF is a shaped refractory available in tiles format.

Its composition made of an innovative solid solution of chrome-alumina exhibits extremely good resistance to thermal shocks and premium corrosion resistance.
It is, therefore, a very good candidate for tank or feeder overcoating. In addition, its very high electrical resistance makes it fully compatible for usage nearby electrodes and/or with low electrical resistance glasses.


  • Longevity: The void-free process ensures our CHROM50 LF repair tiles to have a homogeneous structure with very low porosity
  • Versatility: The tiles can be used for hot or cold repairs
  • Large selection: The tiles are available in multiple thicknesses and can be re-cut on request
Easy to cut Fast block Casting range Fast heat up Supervision
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repair tiles chrom50 lf scenario

repair tiles chrom50 lf scenario

This product fits perfectly to these furnaces

Container Insulation Reinforcement
container furnace insulation furnace icon reinforcement furnace icon


And these areas

Bottom Tank Overcoat


Technical information
  • Bulk density: 3.46 / 216 pcf
  • Open porosity: 14%
  • Standard dimensions:
    • 500x300x75 mm
    • 500x300x100 mm
    • 18x12x3 inches
    • 18x12x4 inches



On pallets

Chemical analysis
  ZrO2 SiO2
Repair Tiles CHROM50 LF 4.5% 2.5%